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The Ashen Axiom is an organization founded by Andriana. This organization focuses on research and development of new technologies in the hopes to one day rebuild Telara with it. However, Andriana knows that still many things must be done before she can even dream of completing her largest project and thus send out her oldest pupil, Cathryna, in search for new members.

The Axiom grew steadily and Andriana was content burying herself in her books surceased with lore. Though, some invention might cause more harm than good, the Ashen Axiom does not falter in pressing on their search for knowledge. In their pursuit for progress eternal the Axiom has made itself an enemy of all pious Guardians and so the Axiom often calls upon others to aid them in gathering materials for their research.

Today, the Axiom is strong and filled with knowledge, both ancient and new. However, still it seeks new members to aid them in their search for even greater knowledge and the final solution to the Rift problem.

Our technology will rebuild Telara!


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The Ashen Axiom is looking for wonderful roleplayers who wish to bring additional value to the guild and the community of the Argent Shard in a whole. The roleplay offered by the Ashen Axiom is one oriented around research and development of technology for which the Defiants stand.
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